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I'm the kind of girl you drool over, dream about, and lust after. The one with the hard body, the teasing smile and the devastating way of working her way into your every thought. You're trying to figure out why you can't stop staring at me, aren't you?

Is it due to the fact that your crotch aches at the mere thought of gliding your moist tongue across my tongue...or something else? Maybe it's the way I carry myself, the confidence and slut-like qualities usually only reserved for men.

I'm not your typical woman, but I think you know that. That's why you're here, isn't it? There's something inviting about me. Inviting with a sprinkle of an unobtainable quality. Like I said, I am definitely not your typical woman. When it comes to kink, fetishes and my insatiable sexual needs, a typical man just won't do.

...but I think YOU will do me just fine.

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