Call Ms. Sharp @ 1-877-70-VAMPS(1-877-708-2677)       Ms. Sharp        


Call me "Ms. Sharp," you bad boy. Pay attention! In Detention Hall, you do as I say! What did you do to get sent to Detention? I'll bet it was nasty. Were you touching your cock again in class? Bothering the girls with your dirty, nasty talk? Sassing the teacher? There'll be NONE of that NOW!

Since you were a bad boy, it's My job to punish you. I expect total obedience and I DO use corporal punishment. I can make a disobedient boy like you squirm. Maybe a rap on the knuckles is all you need. Or maybe you're the kind of troublemaker who needs his pants pulled down for a good old-fashioned spanking. I'd like that. Teaching bad boys to behave is My job AND My pleasure.

And once you learn to obey, maybe I'll show you the kind of rewards I give to My *special* students. Just so long as you're not a tattletale. But that's up to Me to decide. Now that you're fully aware of what is in store for you, it's time to call and request Ms. Sharp.

You have no idea what I have in store for you!

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