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We have much more in common that you may think. Sure, we may seem like very different creatures but what we have in common is that we are SEXUAL and CURIOUS creatures. I love feeling good and the best thing about phone sex is that you can do whatever feels good and not answer to anyone about it.

I love playing with toys. I have a box full of toys under my bed waiting for me. Do you have any toys? If not, that's okay because we can play with mine. I'll let you watch me plunge my vibrator deep inside of me and, when it's nice and wet, I'll teach you how to use it on yourself...gently at first...and when you're relax, we'll fuck you nice and hard. There's nothing wrong with being curious. It's the men that refuse to experiment that have the problem!

Are you into roleplay games? Cool! So am I. I'll leave my lights on and my bedroom window open when I pull out my sex toys, so you can watch me bring myself to a great big orgasm. I'm not shy, so don't you be. I will lick and suck your cock until you're so horny for me, you'll let me do whatever I want as long as I promise to give you a taste of my sweet pussy. And if YOU want to lick and suck cock like me, I'll bring out my big fat dildo just for you. I'm a young cock-sucking teacher, but I'm the best, and I'll teach YOU how to be the best also!

Call and ask for Jamie. I have something fun and delicious in store for you.

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