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I've always been a big girl.  As a kid I got teased and taunted by the skinny girls who would call me Gargantuan Gwen, Gobby Gwen, Gwen the Gut, etc.  The name calling got more and more vile as I got into high school.  I didn't date much and hated seeing all those nasty girls going out with the hot looking boys.  I was so desperate for attention that one day I went next door and asked the star soccer player if he would let me blow him, just for the experience. 

At first he laughed at me, then he realized I was serious.  He said he would let me suck his dick if I swore not to tell anyone that it happened.  I agreed, and we got down to business.  By the time I was done with him, he was practically in a sex induced coma and telling me I was the best he'd ever had.  Within the week I had guys showing up at my door.  After hearing about my talents, from the guy who wanted to swear me to secrecy, they all wanted a piece of my action.

I started hearing stories about their skinny, teasing little girlfriends.  Some wouldn't put out at all, and some were so bad in bed it wasn't worth the guy's effort.  After going out with the girls they weren't embarrassed to be seen with, they would show up begging for me to ease the ache in their balls.

Word eventually got out to the girls in town that I was the "go to" girl for sex, and instead of being pissed, they suddenly wanted to be my friend so I could teach them how to keep their boyfriends satisfied.  Oddly enough, I became one of the most popular girls in school, with the girls as well as the guys.

So, if you prefer your women with some meat on their bones, and plenty of experience, grab hold of my thick and juicy ass and fill me up.  Watch my waves of undulating flesh move and wiggle as you jam your cock deep inside me.  Let me hold your face between my ample tits while you knead my soft belly rolls.  Big girls have big appetites, not only for food, but for sex as well.  Just ask the guys from my small town. 

Can you feed my passions? If so, then I'm the girl for you. Call and ask for Gwen -
I'm hungry for you!

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