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I do love having phone sex, but it is so much more satisfying, so much more intense, if you actually know something about the person you're talking to. I don't need to know every detail about your life if that makes you uncomfortable, but I would love to know what makes you happy, what scares you, what you like and dislike, in as well as out of the bedroom.

You probably noticed right away that there are no nude photos of me plastered here for the world to view. Although I see nothing wrong with nudity, for me it makes more sense to wait until you get to know someone a bit before baring it all. If we "click" on the phone I'll share some more titillating photos with you. In turn, maybe you'll share some intimate photos of yourself.

Let's face it, the world can be a cruel, cold place and we all need someone to turn to who will make us feel good about being exactly who and what we are.  Relax and put yourself in my soft and capable hands.

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